Here is my basic simple budget for January - April 2010.

Jan. - Apr. (2010) Estimated Actual
Monthly Expenses
Rent $597.50
Laundry $10.00
Cable and internet $30.00
Cell phone $85.00
Groceries $125.00
Personal Care, meds $20.00
Car Insurance $113.00
Car Maintenance/tire installation $25.00
clothes $25.00
Transpo - Gas $60.00
entertainment $40.00
bank fees $5.00
LOC payments $28.00
periodic ING & CIBC MF Investments $160.00
transcripts, postage, printing, etc. $15.00
miscellaneous $10.00
Total $1,348.50

As you can see, I spend very little on going out to eat, on clothing and entertainment. Having very little time to go shopping due to a heavy workload is helpful in this regard.

I wonder if anyone thinks this budget is too restrictive to be sustainable over the long term (i.e. after graduation)?
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