So, although I am absolutely devoted to living a frugal life, I happen to believe that sometimes a higher price is justifiable if the product is of superior quality, more useful, or will simply last longer. Who wouldn't rather pay $150 for a cashmere sweater that will last years than a $30 sweater that will bunch up or thread after the first wash? Here is my list of 5 items (some cheap, some expensive) that I think are absolutely worth the cost. I'd love to hear what other people's 5 favourite items are.

1. Dare chocolate chip cookies, $1.09 + tax
Why it's so great: The cookies are tiny, which is great for anyone attempting to control their portions, and they are delicious. I calculated that each box comes with about 20 cookies, which puts each cookie at just over 5 cents! So cheap, and so good.
2. NARS sheer matte foundation, $55 CDN
Why it's so great: This is actually the only brand of foundation I have ever found my perfect shade in. What's more is that with my combination/oily/acne-prone skin, this foundation provides adequate yet natural coverage, and actually controls shine for a full 8-10 hours. In fact, it may last longer, but I usually wash it off in that time frame. It feels really comfortable too.
3. Lysol wipes, $3.99 for a container of 50
Why it's so great: it's convenient, disposable, and you can use it on any hard surface. It's perfect for me because as a law student, I don't have much time to do anything besides study, eat and sleep. It saves me a lot of cleaning time :)
4. The iPhone 3G, ranges from $99 with a contract to $800 without a contract
Why it's so great: It comes with so many downloadable applications, including so many useful applications already built in. It's my phone, my iPod, my digital tape recorder (for classes), calculator, internet browser, electronic cookbook (Allrecipes application), expense tracker, FedEx package tracker and nearest ATM finder. The best part is that once my contract is up, I will be able to still use my iPhone to access the internet anywhere where I can access wi-fi internet.
5. Proactiv Refining Face Mask, price depends on size and vendor
Why it's so great: Like the commercial says, it can be used as a face mask and/or to dab on pimples and it dries them up quickly overnight. It contains sulfur (6%) as its medicinal ingredient, which is a powerful antibacterial agent. Depending on the size of the pimple, one night may not suffice to get rid of it altogether, but it will drastically reduce the pimple in size.

There you are! My five favourite products (regardless of their price point). I'm looking forward to hearing what other people's fave five are.

Note: this post is not a paid endorsement or advertisement for any product; this is an unsolicited and uncompensated review of my personal favourite products.
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