This past week wasn't too bad, spending-wise:

- I got paid ($1287)
- I transferred some money ($97) to my ING savings account for use towards my annual life insurance premium. I now have the full amount I need saved (just over $200).
-I transferred about $1200 to my brokerage account to be invested (since the markets are down again, I figure it's a good time to park it in something other than cash!)
- I spent some money eating out, but it was a hectic week - I ended up working over 60 hours.
- I also spent some money on gas, but I still have a half-tank left for use this week.

I'll be off work this coming week and am planning a "staycation". I've given myself $40 per day for discretionary spending, obviously not including gas. With that money, I anticipate spending about $14 per day on yoga, about $10 per day on food on average, with the rest ($16) being spent on activities and miscellaneous. I now this seems restrictive being that it's my one week off this year, but the whole point of staycationing is to save money. If I wanted to spend a thousand bucks, I would have booked myself on the first flight to Cuba and called it what it is.

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For Friday, February 10, 2012

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You spent $214.79 over the past 7 days.

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$97.48 Transfer to savings

$70.00 Gas & Fuel

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$14.74 Alcohol & Bars

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