I know there are a ton of websites that advertise or list a million different things that you can do (most of them, online) to bring in a substantial side income. While those lists may be useful as a starting point for brainstorming, if you're looking for tried and tested methods of making a good income on the side, here are some methods I've tried:

1. Babysitting: I've done this since I was 15, and while I only made $5 per hour when I started, I now charge $15 per hour. Not only do I consider myself more experienced with kids, but I now have more knowledge about how to actually care for kids, having completed an undergraduate degree in health. If you're in a similar boat, with valuable caretaking skills, this can be a good way to make a side income or when in between jobs.

2. Tutoring: This is particularly lucrative if you have knowledge in a specialized or difficult to teach area, and if you can do it well. I tutor calculus on the side, and have charged upwards of $30 per hour, particularly when the subject matter was university level calculus.

3. CV creation services: If you have impeccable writing skills, and are good at marketing, consider marketing others' skills. Not only can you make a decent income, depending on your clientele and the amount of money they stand to make from a polished resume, but it's satisfying to know you're helping someone else obtain a new/better job. It's also a great way to make contacts, contacts who in the future, can vouch for your skills as a writer, editor, and marketer.

4. Ether: If you haven't heard of this website, you've been missing out. If the service you're offering does not require face-to-face contact (i.e. counselling, tutoring, life coaching), you can sign up on this site and be assigned an anonymous 1-800 number that you can use for your potential clients to contact you. Of course ether takes a small cut (about 15%), but ultimately, it's a great way to acquire new clients.
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