Sorry for my late post! It's been a hectic week, full of assignments, deadlines, and interview scheduling and preparations, which is all very exciting but also extremely time consuming.

So far, I've got 4 interviews for PT school-year and/or FT summer positions, all are law-related at a minimum.

I have:
-2 interviews at medium size firms in my hometown
-1 interview at a MEGA law firm in my hometown (200+ lawyers at this one firm)
-1 interview for a job in the government (this is the one I recently wrote an exam for - with a 10% pass rate!)

Well, I had the government interview this morning, and it went well, but they only gave me 10 minutes to prepare to answer 6 questions, which were convoluted and required long, detailed explanations. I did my best though, so we'll see how that turns out! :)

As for the other interviews, there are still 8 firms I haven't heard from at all, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed :$

I can't wait for all of this to be over, provided of course that I end up with a job! :)
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