So, this morning I had a cup of Hazelnut coffee I had left over from last month (with chocolate soy milk for foam), two pieces of whole wheat bread with peanut butter (still using my $0.99 jar!) and a few scoops of Activia yogurt.

Then I went shopping to replenish food supplies...

Items I bought today
-sweet onion
-3 golden delicious apples
-flax bread
-caramel dip
-2L skim milk
-2 x 650 g Activia Strawberry yogurt
-egg whites
-1 box of Dare chocolate chip cookies
-3 packs of Mr.Noodles
-Grillem's cheesy sausages
-medium container (450 g) of Chili with bun
-medium container (450 g) of penne with meat sauce

Total for this grocery shop = $34.74

Total for this month = $34.72/$80
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