Hi, my name is Sarah and I've created this blog to help me keep track of my successes and failures in the world of personal finance. After graduating from university with a bachelor of arts degree, the severity of my student debt load really hit me. I was $30,000+ in debt, some of which was consumer debt. I worked hard to reduce interest rates and make large payments to pay it down, but I then returned to school to pursue a law degree.

This blog is my attempt to track my spending, saving, and overall financial habits. You'll find that my posts are really about a variety of topics, because personal finance touches all aspects of life - shopping, cooking, going out with friends, taxes, basically whatever strikes me as important on any given day. I hope that those of you who decide to follow me on my journey will find this blog to be helpful in achieving your own financial goals, or at least, serves as a (cheap) form of entertainment.

As you can probably tell from the name of my blog, my ultimate goal is to retire by the age of 45. While it will be a difficult goal to achieve, I don't think it's impossible, though I will need all the help and encouragement I can get!

Help... and Enjoy! :)
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