At the behest of Krystal's post over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks, I decided it was worth the $23.95 to check my credit score. Notwithstanding the fact that my credit score is unlikely to have much of an impact on me qualifying for a mortgage (because it's a secured loan), I was still pretty curious to know how lenders view me between my four credit cards, my two student lines of credit, and a range of other credit products.

This was what I got:

Granted, it's not the worse score ever, it's actually just on the cusp of a "very good" credit score. But I was still appalled that missing 1 payment in 12 months over a range of 8 credit products (that's 1 missed payment out of a possible 96 missed payments), made a significant impact on my credit score.

How to Check your own Equifax Report and Score

If you'd like to check your credit score online, head over here. The cost is $23.95.

If you just want your credit report to check for inaccuracies, and don't really care to see your score, go here. The cost is $15.50.

Equifax Free Trial

You can also take a look at your credit report and score for free by going here. But note that this trial is only for 30 days, after which time Equifax will start charging you the regular monthly rate, which at the time of writing this post, is $14.95 per month.
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