I got paid on Thursday, and since I only spent $55 on gas and $4.85 on a McDonalds breakfast the week prior, this week's spending is nearly everything I've spent so far this month. Here is a breakdown of my spending:

Where My Money Went This Week

You spent $1,200.68 over the past 7 days.

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Your top spending categories:

$1,000.00 Transfer to savings

$86.19 Pharmacy

$50.50 Gas & Fuel

$38.07 Finance Charge

$25.92 Other

$86.19 on Pharmacy The $86.19 I spent in the pharmacy category was for this month's supply of Accutane (which is a drug I use for clearing up my *sigh... adult* acne). The problem really isn't so bad, but being that I work directly with clients, other lawyers and judges, I find it hard not to justify the expense. The boost in confidence alone is well worth the price.

Plus, my health insurance kicks in in about a week, so I'll get reimbursed for about 75% of the cost of this prescription back to when I started working for my employer.

$38.07 on Finance Charges This is the monthly payment on one of my two student lines of credits. I can't justify paying down this line of credit too aggressively given that the interest rate (4%) is much lower than the return of 6-7% I'm currently getting on my investments.
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