This week was another frugal week for me. I actually only spent $71.90, because the $1.00 I spent "shopping" was the temporary (refunded) authorization charge that charged my credit card to list some of my old textbooks for sale on their website. And of the $40.00 withdrew for food this week, I still have $20 left in cash for this upcoming week.

The $47.90 I spent on "Financial" comprised mainly the $23.95 I spent on my credit report and score from Equifax, which I still think as well worth it. I found out by checking out my report that I'm only 1 point from shifting myself out of the "good" score category to the "very good" score category. I also found out that CIBC has erroneously reported my $10,000 student line of credit (LOC) as two separate lines of credit, notwithstanding the fact that I paid off and closed the LOC I had with them during undergrad and opened a brand new one when I started law school. Apparently, they never reported the old one as having been closed, so it appears as though I have twice as much debt with them as I actually do. I'll be filing a dispute with Equifax this week.

I wish I had known sooner so that I could have corrected the error before I applied for a mortgage through TD. I wonder if anyone else has had issues with banks not correcting financial data when accounts are closed.

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