Is it possible to take frugality too far?

I was watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride today on Slice, and the bride-to-be was a real frugal bridezilla, turning every conversation about every aspect of wedding planning into a conversation about how to save money, even going as far as... fighting over a few pennies.

Now, I'll admit, I try to cut as many corners as possible when shopping. I use coupons, try to earn air miles or other types of rewards on purchases as much as possible, and try to find ways of using old products for new purposes in order to save cash. But I wonder... do I take it too far? Do I ever annoy those around me, particularly my boyfriend H, with whom I talk about personal finance on a regular basis?

Here are three signs that I think indicate you're obsessed with personal finance:

1. You are heard uttering personal finance related words in your sleep (i.e. "lower my interest", "we need to rebudget", "i can't afford it", etc.).
2. You have so many coupons in your purse or wallet, that you can no longer close it.
3. You've thought about how much money you could potentially save by reusing unsanitary items (e.g. toilet paper, old toothbrushes, etc.)

If you think your financial behaviours may be bordering on obsessive, seek professional help. And email me your story - I may feature it on my blog!
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