Because I've been back in my hometown doing interviews at law firms for the past week, I haven't really had to splurge on any groceries. As it stands, I've only spent money on that first grocery shop of the month, so I am still way under budget, at only $34.74 for the month. Of course, that doesn't include my eating out budget, of which I've spent $21.74 altogether this month, still leaving me with $3.26 or so (perhaps for a cup of hot chocolate or something)!

I'm really happy with my underspending, however, I realize that it's because of the special circumstances surrounding this month (interview this past week, and a week off from school starting tomorrow).

It looks like I won't be spending much more on groceries this month.

On the other hand, I bought a nice black suit at Banana Republic, a black blazer, and a black leather briefcase, all of which added up to $625, which is a whole $625 above and beyond what I had budgeted for clothes this month :$

I guess I'll have to make up for that somehow, although... they were definitely necessary items given the nature of the field I'm going into.
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